Introduction video

To give future- and new users an introduction to the Always Hello app, we wanted to have a video that could be used both inside the app and online. Because of the super limited budget and time, I chose to shoot and direct the video myself. Because I am not an experienced video maker, I did a lot of research first. That is how I found out that for us the best way to get the closest-to-professional video was to shoot an overhead video, so I completely adapted the storyboard to that.

To accomplish this, I positioned the camera directly overhead using a combination of a monopod and a boom pole holder. I taped the windows of the room with garbage bags and turned off the office lights, so the only light sources were the two softboxes — overall a creative solution which worked out very well.

While shooting in close up, my colleagues could start their acting career without being scared to look stupid because only their arms were filmed. Because I taped the storyboard with all the scenes on the walls, all ‘actors’ knew what to do and when they were needed. That way we could work really fast and only needed one afternoon to shoot all scenes, including some extra scenes for possible other videos.

To find a suitable but non-expensive voice for the voice over, I used Because of my detailed briefing about what to say and how, and the expert level of the voiceover guy I chose, the voice over was done within a day. For the whole project, I think the preparation was vital to making this project a success, and I am happy with the outcome.

Always Hello introduction video

Creating the set

Directing while shooting the video

Three scenes in one shot

The camera to shoot the overhead video

Client: Always Hello

Period: 2017

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