Assignment: How can Nutricia extend the loyalty and retention of mothers to 3 years?

Concept: The name comes from a combination between a fotoalbum (‘kiekjes’) and the (Dutch) children’s game “Kiekeboe!

Kiekeboek is a protected online environment about children, managed by the parents. The base centers the interactive timeline to which all (own) content is made visible in chronological order. The aim of this is to give insight into the growth and development of the child in a fun and interactive way, for yourself, family and friends. In this way, the media of the child is not spread between multiple Social Networks like Facebook, Flickr and Hyves, but clearly organized within one online environment.

Kiekeboek timeline

The content is mainly about milestones in the life of the growing child. Think about the first smile, his first fruit snack, the first birthday and first steps. These milestones can be supported with photos, movies, or a story which can be used to make a ‘Kiekeboek’. A real book which can be printed via Albumprinter, or can be exported to an e-book.


So basically we came up with this timeline idea two years before Facebook did 🙂

Client: Mirabeau

Customer: Nutricia

Period: November 2009

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