Assignment: Find a way for expats to connect with home in a valuable way.

Concept: The MoodGlobe, a pervasive way of telepresence for expat families. The MoodGlobe exists of four parts, every part can be placed next to a plate at the dinner table for Online Dining. Through wireless internet, the MoodGlobe is able to communicate and link with other MoodGlobes across the world.


The four parts combined, form a surround sound and video input and output device, so the whole table can be included. When one part is taken away from the globe, two people can have a private conversation.

Start conversation

When the MoodGlobe is not used for telepresence, it will function as a mood impression device, while displaying appointments, the local weather, mood and time from the other Moodglobes linked with it in the same group.

MoodGlobe with appointment
While having a private conversation, the user can adjust volume by sliding up/down at the sides of the screen, or change chatpartner by sliding left/right at the bottom of the screen.

Adjust volume

Client: Rotterdam University

Customer: Kolabo

Period: June 2009

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